The Department of Sports of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria and the SPAR chain of food stores have signed an agreement this week through which the latter guarantees, one more year, its support to the celebration of the Gran Canaria Marathon.
Spar Patrocinador Gran Canaria Maratón

The logo of this sponsor will be present on the race T-shirts of runners, besides posters and signs all along the course but, what this agreement mainly guarantees is the support of the chain of food stores to an initiative linked to the world of sports in the island.
 It is not the first edition of the Gran Canaria Marathon to be supported by SPAR, “as the company considers the promotion of healthy lifestyles inherent with the objectives of a food company like ours, compromised and concerned with Grancanarian society”, pointed out José López Peñate, Vicepresident of  Cencosu Group.
 As far as the Councilor of Sports, Lucas Bravo de Laguna, is concerned, he thanked the persons in charge of SPAR for “their courage in a moment when financing resources suffer constant cuts and, as a consequence, sports sponsoring becomes diminished”, and encourages them to go on giving their support to ambitious
initiatives that place Gran Canaria on the international stage, as it is the case with the Gran Canaria Marathon 2012 and parallel events celebrated around it.


No es la primera edición del Gran Canaria Maratón que cuenta con el apoyo Spar, “ya que la compañía considera que la defensa de una forma de vida sana es consustancial con los objetivos de una empresa de alimentación volcada y preocupada en la sociedad grancanaria como nosotros” señaló José López Peñate, vicepresidente del Grupo Cencosu.



Por su parte, el consejero insular de Deportes, Lucas Bravo de Laguna, agradeció a Spar que, “en un momento en que las fuentes de financiación sufren constantes recortes y que, consecuentemente, el patrocinio deportivo se ve mermado, los responsables de Spar sean valientes y sigan dando su apoyo a iniciativas ambiciosas y que colocan a Gran Canaria en el escenario internacional, como es el Gran Canaria Maratón 2012 y las pruebas paralelas que se celebran en torno a él”.