DISA Gran Canaria Maratón, a rece with dual aim

Next 26th January, La Fundación DISA will donate to San Juan de Dios  2 euros for each athletes who finish the marathon, half maratón and 10 km

Next 26th January , DISA Gran Canaria Maratón, through Fundación DISA, will donate to San Juan de Dios  2 euros for each finisher or athlete who crosses the marathon, half marathon or 10 km finish line, as El consejero de Deportes del Cabildo, Lucas Bravo de Laguna and Fundación DISA Manager Raquel Montes together with San Juan de Dios manager Rafael Ariza have announced.
This charitable event show us that DISA Gran Canaria Maratón is more than a sporting event, in addition, it is an social, cultural and charitable event, according to Lucas Bravo de Laguna, “a great party for all grancanarians”
“I would like to thank la Fundación DISA, in addition to be commited to supporting the race event, also they are making a double charitable effort in favour of San Juan de Dios, an institution that has made an important work for many years.”
“2 euro for each participant who finish the race will motivate the athletes, in this way they will not only finish the race for self satisfaction but also they will run in favour of this institution, thank to la Fundación Disa” said Lucas Bravo de Laguna at the beginning of conference
“In addition to the three charity events of 26th January, also we will have our own charity race, showing that Gran Canaria Maratón is not only a sporting event and tourist promotion of the island, but also we are committed to social matters and to needy” said el consejero. “It will be nice to see the children of San Juan de Dios cheering runners on, giving them the race official t-shit and also crossing with them the finish line at the last kilometer”, concluded Bravo de Laguna.
Rafael Ariza said “we are very grateful to la Fundación DISA because we can invest this donation to start the project called Rehabilitation and learning through sport and sensorial game. We have children playgrounds to be held these activities, but we need renew them, so we are going to invest the money to make some improvements”, said San Juan de Dios manager.
“I would like to cheer all the participants on that day to reach the finish line, since finishing the race is not only to get self satisfaction but also their efforts are going to help needy”, said Rafael Ariza
In the other hand, Raquel Montes said “DISA Gran Canaria Maratón is not only a race, it becomes an annual milestone that join the runners and the organization, professionals and amateurs… emphasising important values as effort and self improvement”.
“That is the reason why we are here presenting this initiative, because we would like to bond the runners effort with the daily effort and self improvement of San Juan de Dios Children”, said Raquel Montes.
“We have to acknowledge that as a race, they never surrender and never give up, so we have to support them through the effort of each runner. That is the reason why we think about donating 2 euros for each participant who finish the race in order to help at the starting up of this San Juan de Dios` project”.