Dear DISA Gran Canaria Marathon 2014 participant:

DISA Gran Canaria Marathon 2014 Organization has been working hard, since the day after the holding of the 2013 Edition, to continue growing and improving. We are a young sporting event that learns from successes and mistakes of each edition, and we have been trying to improve thinking of runners’ well-being.
We would like to thank for the great support received, as we can see the increasing number of registered participants in this edition. It has gone from 3,660 registered at Gran Canaria Maratón 2013 to 6.257 at DISA Gran Canaria Marathon 2014
After the problems occurred during the race at Vegueta area in 2013, where athletes from different events have coincided in this area, (10 km, Half Marathon and Marathon), we decided that DISA Gran Canaria Marathon 10 Km race starting time should be at 9:45 hours, 45 minutes later than the marathon and half marathon, trying to avoid this possible coincidence at Vegueta area, given that it is one of the narrowest section of the race circuit.
Gran Canaria Marathon belongs to all grancanarians, runners, and also citizenship. This is proof that the registration has increased more than 100% in 10 km, but at the same time we are facing a new reality, several sections of the circuit are narrow, and there will be problems if the three races participants coincide at same time in the same point.
At the beginning it was thought to set up a mechanism to organize in these narrow sections of the circuit, but finally the technical management has considered that it is not feasible, due to the huge number of registered participants.

For all these reasons and in order to make safer, more comfortable and more enjoyable for all the runners, it was decided to bring forward 10 km starting time, (at 08:40), keeping Half Marathon and Marathon starting time, (at 09:00).

The Organization is aware of the inconvenience of this change to those registered participants in 10 km., so we apologize for any inconvenience this change may have caused, and we offer to those who do not agree with this decision the refund of the registration fee, but we are convinced that this is the best decision for DISA GRAN CANARIA Marathon 2014.