Today, the 7th of April 2017, is World Health Day and to celebrate this occasion, the representatives of the various marathons held in Spain gathered to meet. This meeting, named “Twinning Marathons for Health”, was held in the  the Principe Felipe Museum, located in the City for Arts and Science in Valencia.
The message that this meeting wanted to convey is that long distance running is a healthy pursuit, as long as you have the appropriate physical condition.
The meeting also focused on safety measures for runners as a result of the growing number of people taking part in these types of races.
In addition to correcting the perception that many have regarding long distance running as unhealthy (an opinion imposed by Facebook by sharing this type of article), the meeting served to raise awareness of the benefits of long distance running, provided that you have the appropriate physical fitness level and are supervised by professionals.
Organizers of the 13 marathons held in Spain, among them the four most important with their IAAF seal, Madrid, Barcelona, Seville and Valencia, attended this meeting. There were also representatives from the RFEA along with medical experts who presented scientific data to counter the recent trend of publicly condemning long distance running.
Finally, Carlota Castrejana, director of the Corporate and Development Area of the RFEA, put the finishing touch to this special day, which has served as the starting point to bring together the different long distance organisations in our country.