The race´s new route will be compatible with the construction works on the Metroguagua, a new high capacity transport service, and will have all the necessary certifications from the IAAF and the RFEA

So far, over 2,300 runners  have signed up for the 2018 edition, a 55% increase compared to the almost 1,500 runners registered in October 2016

The Cajasiete Gran Canaria Marathon´s organizing committee can guarantee that it will keep the single lap circuit, despite the necessary changes made as a result of the construction works on the Metroguagua that the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Council is carrying out.

After the organization learned last summer that the new public transportation project would affect the circuit, approved in 2016, the race director Orlando Montesdeoca began to take the necessary steps to design a one-lap circuit compatible with the construction work on the Metroguagua.

Since then the organization, headed by Grupo Juan Armas Sport (GJA Sport), has been holding regular meetings with representatives of the city council, Local Police, Cabildo de Gran Canaria, General Directorate of Traffic and other coordination and security agencies involved in the event, in order to define the final circuit.

Montesdeoca points out that they are being “meticulous” when defining the new circuit, so that it keeps its original one lap format, affecting as little as possible the city´s communications. Furthermore, keeping the circuit to one lap improves its speed, effectiveness and boosts its appeal for tourists.

The organization hopes to have the approval of the Local Police of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, who will ultimately give the final circuit the go-ahead, as soon as possible. Following that, they wil seek the relevant approval of the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) and the Spanish Athletics Federation (RFEA).


Regarding the number of runners taking part, the organization is optimistic considering the number of people who have signed up so far. Compared to the same month of the previous year, total participation has increased by 55%, which means over 2,300 participants to date, a figure that did not reach 1,500 registrations in October 2016.

By distances, the 42,195 kilometers race has over 650 participants, 30% more than the same time last year, which was under 500.

The Half Marathon has almost reached the 1,000 registered runners mark, compared to just over 500 that had signed up in October 2016, meaning a 60% increase. There is also an increase in the 10-kilometer race, with over 700 runners, a 30% growth compared to less than 500 runners signed up a year ago.

The registrations for the Cajasiete Gran Canaria Marathon are still open, and it will be, without a doubt, the greatest sporting event to be held in the city on January the 21st, 2018.