HPS will continue to be the Cajasiete Gran Canaria Marathon 2018´s official medical service

HPS recommends runners undergo a stress test prior to the race, especially those who wish to know how fit they really are, so as to take part safely.

Éric Curbelo, who plays for Las Palmas Atlético FC, carried out his stress test and was looking forward to running the Cajasiete GC Marathon.

The Hospital Perpetuo Socorro (HPS) and Cajasiete Gran Canaria Marathon have renewed their commitment to the new edition, which will be held in 2018. The company is once again the race´s official medical service for the second year running.

The Head of the race´s Medical Services Team, as well as of HPS´s Sports Unit, Clara Quintana, explained that, in this edition, they will increase the event´s medical coverage to provide a better service, as they anticipate an increase in participants for this new edition of the Cajasiete Gran Canaria Marathon.

HPS ´s main priority is to guarantee the runners´ safety during the event. In this regard, she pointed out that hospital tents will be set up at various points along the route with doctors, nurses and assistants ready to attend to any incident that may occur different points throughout the race.

The definite layout of the medical coverage will be established as soon as the course is defined, which is pending the approval of the Local Police of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.


The Hospital Perpetuo Socorro has one of the most comprehensive Sports Medicine services in the Canary Islands, thus meeting the needs of both professional and amateur athletes. One of the most popular services are the stress tests, ideal for all those who want to have greater insight into their fitness, whether they are new to sports or already have an active lifestyle.

In fact, Éric Curbelo, who plays for Las Palmas Atlético FC, carried out his stress test, and supervised by Clara Quintana, head of the Sports Medicine Unit. The player knows the how important these tests are, as they let you know your pulmonary and cardiac capacity, and was looking forward to running the Cajasiete GC Marathon 10K race, as long as his sports commitments let him.

HPS recommends all those who start taking part in events such as the Cajasiete Gran Canaria Marathon undergo the stress test, as “a way to run in the event safely,” concluded Quintana.