A total of 135 runners, 59 women and 76 men, will wrap up their preparation to face this challenge in the best possible shape and with the aim of improving their personal bests.


The Entrerunners program is still getting ready for the great Cajasiete Gran Canaria Marathon 2018. The specific training sessions for the different distances in the event face their last weeks before they take to the start line. A total of 135 runners, 59 women and 76 men, will finish their preparation, which has been run by sports specialists, to face this challenge in their best possible shape and with the aim of reaching their personal bests.

45 runners have trained for the different distances with an approximate ratio of one coach for every 12 athletes. In this way, training was as personalised as possible, taking into account the different ages and physical condition within the group, but all focusing on a common goal.

Entrerunners works on aspects such as conditioning, technique, balance or strength. In addition, the program also includes sessions on nutrition or sports psychology. In short, it is a multidisciplinary training program that guarantees the runners´ physical safety, helping them enjoy the race and finish it to the best of their abilities.

Entrerunners prepared a 20 week course in which the number of work sessions varies according to the distance in which they will take part in. The training sessions are carriedin different sports centres on the island, mostly in the capital of Gran Canaria. Many of the athletes in the program have participated in the three editions of Entrerunners, which has helped them to improve their objectives and step up a distance in each edition, starting at 10 kilometers, then the half marathon and, finally, signing themselves up, this edition, to the 42K.

Entrerunners was set up as a space for everyone to get fit, regardless of the initial capabilities. A philosophy where healthy lifestyle habits and sports are valuable life tools. What everyone have in common is the desire, the effort and the enthusiasm to prepare their objectives for the Cajasiete Gran Canaria Marathon, and that if something stands out among the participants it is that, beyond the training, Entrerunners has shaped a group of friends united by sport. In short, a great team.