The Councillor of Sports and the manager of the TBA highlighted the notable increase in the total number of runners from overseas, more than 1,000 athletes from other countries just in the 42K race


On Tuesday, the Vice President and Councillor for Sports of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria, Ángel Víctor Torres, and the manager of the temporary business association (TBA) that organizes the Cajasiete Gran Canaria Marathon, Francisco Armas, presented the 2018 edition, which will be held next weekend and whose main attraction will be the great Gran Canaria Marathon on Sunday, January the 21st. Also attending the event were the  director of Institutional Relations and Communication of Cajasiete, José Manuel Garrido, main sponsor of the event, as well as the vice president of the Insular Athletics Federation of Gran Canaria, Eduardo Medina.

Torres underlined the “establishment” of an event that, in recent editions, has notably increased its number of participants in the Marathon. In this edition, over 1,600 athletes will take part in the 42K race, 14 percent more than in the previous edition. Specifically, there will be 1,628 runners competing the the Marathon.

Furthermore, both Torres and Armas also highlighted the considerable increase in the total number of foreign runners. Over 1,000 athletes from other countries have come to Gran Canaria to run the 42K, a figure which grows to 1,900 when you include in the Half Marathon and the 10K race.

This is a clear sign of the race´s “international projection”, said the Sports Councillor. Torres continued to praise the Organization´s work on the overseas promotion of the event, mainly due to the presence of the Cajasiete Gran Canaria Marathon in international athletics fairs, among other initiatives.

The manager of the TBA, Francisco Armas, added that the Organization has worked intensely to put together a top-level event, despite inconveniences, such as the one lap circuit that had to be modified as a result of the infrastructure works being carried in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

The Cajasiete Gran Canaria Marathon is ranked as one of the top 10 best national marathons due to its number of finishers. Furthermore, at the end of 2017, the Royal Spanish Athletics Federation (RFEA) rated it as the seventh best marathon in the country, according to assessment criteria such as organizational capacity, seniority in the RFEA calendar, the number of participants or the level of competition. A marathon, only surpassed by Valencia, Seville, Barcelona, Madrid, San Sebastian and Castellón.

Armas pointed out the added value of the events visibility overseas. An event that brings together over 30,000 runners and fans over the weekend of the race. Additionally, the Canarian Television (RTVC) will broadcast the race to all the Islands thanks to its live broadcast, almost five hours long, that will take place on January the 21st, as well as through its online streaming.

Cajasiete´s Director of Institutional Relations and Communication, José Manuel Garrido, said that the race “is growing year on year” and understands that Cajasiete´s backing is in line with sports values. “We think we have to give back to society part of what society brings us. It is a way to support social and economic development, adding the values with which we identify, such as sacrifice and effort”, he concluded..

Torres and Armas thanked Cajasiete and the rest of the sponsors for their support, as they highlighted the fundamental role of the private sector when celebrating this typo of top-tier event type. Likewise, they acknowledged the City Council´s backing as well as other organizations, State Security Forces and about a thousand volunteers that will take part in the event.