Thanks to Audiovisuales Canaries, the runners in the different distances will have ‘allies’ to help them reach their personal goals


The Cajasiete Gran Canaria Marathon 2018 has presented its pacers (pacemakers) for this edition. It is just one of the options that runners in the three distances have to try to improve their personal bests. The pacers are those runners who set the pace so as to finish the race within a certain time. Different runners will act as pacemakers, with different race times and for the different distances.

With the support of Audiovisual Canaries, 10 runners will be responsible for setting the pace, to establish a speed per kilometer so as to finish the course in a specific time. In the 42K, the pacers will Ruben Crespo, which will set a pace of 3 hours 30 minutes, Giussepe Bossi (03:45:00) and Alejandro Romero with Ionut Petcu, who will finish the race in 4 hours. In the Half Marathon, José Vicente Cáceres (01:30:00), Aurora Vega with Ayoze Cruz (01:45:00) and David Chil (02:00:00). In the 10K distance the pacemakers will be Armando Cabrera (00:50:00) and José Felipe Quevedo (01:00:00).

The manager of the temporary business association (TBA) that organizes the Cajasiete Gran Canaria Marathon, Francisco Armas, the manager of the Insular Sports Institute, Alfredo Gonçalves, and the technical director of events for Audiovisuales Canarias, Joaquín Torres were present at the presentation ceremony, held in Plaza Santa Ana

Along with the pacers, were cyclists from the Club Saucillo Center Bike Valsequillo, who will also play a key role in the Cajasiete Gran Canaria Marathon´s various races. As well as accompanying each of the pacers, they will also be responsible for escorting the leaders in each distance, men´s and women´s, and close each race. This means almost 30 cyclists will follow the human tide along their different routes.