10 Km

Gran Canaria 10Km

The departure will be three (3) hours after having taken the Marathon, that is, at 11:30 am and with an approximate temperature of 18 degrees centigrade that will go up to 21-22 degrees centigrade maximum. The average humidity is about 75% in January, so you should plan your race differently and not skip any of the two (2) supplies available on the course.

This route, totally flat and urban, runs through the westernmost districts and north of the capital Gran Canaria, called the “Ismo” of Las Palmas, with a spectacular end for the walk of the Playa de Las Canteras, with its 3 kilometers of length that will take you to the goal, located at the foot of the Alfredo Krauss Auditorium, next to the beach.

Specially designed, so that the companions and couples of the marathon runners can enjoy and join the circuit, accompanying the marathon runners during their last 8 kilometers, which will give a festive “air” to the runners who have been there for more than 3 hours running the marathon.

10Km course


Circuit streetmap:

  1. Calle del Industrial José Sánchez Peñate (Salida)
  2. Calle Castillejos
  3. Calle Costa Rica
  4. Avenida José Mesa y López
  5. Calle Galicia
  6. Calle Tomás Miller
  7. Calle Fernando Guanarteme
  8. Calle Nicolás Estévanez
  9. Incorporación a la zona peatonal del Parque Santa Catalina por la Plaza Comandante Ramón Franco, atravesando la trasera de los edificios Elder y Miller
  10. Calle Luis Morote
  11. Calle Eduardo Benot
  12. Calle Poeta Agustín Millares Sall
  13. Calle Gordillo
  14. Calle Juan Rejón
  15. Calle Albareda
  16. Calle Luis Morote
  17. Calle Sagasta
  18. Calle Ferreras
  19. Paseo de las Canteras
  20. Avenida Apolinario
  21. Parque de la Música, Auditorio Alfredo Krauss (Meta)