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Presentation 10km race

Over the last fuew years running has gone from being a physical activity exclusively for professionals to a very popular sport, in which all ages and genders participate daily

Running requires the utmost responsability and should not be taken lightly just because its trendy.

Many fans take to the streets, parks or mountains to get fit or run their first kilometers in races. To enjoy the sport as well as the events organized around it is everyone´s main goal. That´s why it´s always good to start running short or mid-range distances

And so everyone to enjoy themselves the Gran Canaria Marathon has, once more, organized the 10km race. It will take place the same day as the marathon, Sunday the 21nd of January, 2017.

The 10km will start on the calle industrial José Sánchez Peñate, in front of the Las Arenas Shopping Centre and finishes at the Alfredo Kraus Auditorium. It will be run in the city, on asphalt and all the kilometer points will be duly indicated

Every runner takes part at their own risk, must possess sufficient level of physical condition to tackle the race and are fully aware of the risks and dangers in participating.

The Organization recommends runners undergo a medical examination prior to the test, all participants must accept the risks related to this sports activity.

10 k course

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Course streetmap 10 k

  1. Start Line Industrial José Sánchez Peñate Street
  2. Castillejos Street
  3. Costa rica Street
  4. José Mesa y López Avenue
  5. La Naval Roundabout(meet with GCM 42k runners)
  6. Marítima Avenue GC-1 heading north
  7. Canarias Square (interchanger)
  8. Santa Catalina Dock
  9. Luis Morote Street
  10. Eduardo Benot Street
  11. López Sócas Street
  12. Juan Rejón Street
  13. Ingeniero Manuel Becerra Square
  14. Juan Rejón Street
  15. Albareda Street
  16. Luis Morote Street
  17. Sagasta Street
  18. Ferreras Street
  19. Las Canteras Beachfront
  20. Apolinario Avenue
  21. Jardines del Atlántico Square, Alfredo Krauss Auditorium
  22. Música Square (Finish Line).


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