Presentation of the 42km course

The 9th edition of the Cajasiete Gran Canaria Marathon, on Sunday the 21nd of January, 2018, will unveil a new course. It is now a flatter and faster route, made possible as a result of a mutual understanding between the organization and the municipal authorities involved, who, from the beginning, have listened to the runners´ opinions favouring a single lap course.

As a result of this great improvement, and this Edition´s main highlight, the Cajasiete Gran Canaria Marathon is on a par with the great European and World marathons. it´s aim is to make this race one of the calendar´s most attractive, not only because of Gran Canaria´s tourist infrastructure and beautiful weather, but also so that event fulfills all the criteria necessary for it to become as attractive as possible for the stars of the event, the runners.

Along with the deep technical analysis that these changes required, the organization is still committed to a route that runs past Las Palmas de Gran Canaria´s most emblematic sites, the ones that capture the City´s essence best: Las Canteras beach, the historical and cultural center, as well as the main leisure districts.

42 k course

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Streetmap 42 K*

  1. Industrial José Sánchez Peñate Street (Start Line)
  2. Castillejos Street
  3. Costa Rica Street
  4. José Mesa y López Avenue
  5. Galicia Street
  6. Pío XII Street
  7. Rafael Ramírez Street
  8. León y Castillo Street
  9. Juan XXIII Avenue
  10. GC-1 heading south until La Laja beach and return until Torre Las Palmas
  11. León y Castillo Street
  12. Hermanos García de La Torre Street
  13. Pio XII Street
  14. Menéndez y Pelayo Street
  15. Barcelona (División de Maratón y Media Maratón) Street
  16. Galicia Street
  17. Pio XII Street
  18. Rafael Ramírez Street
  19. León y Castillo Street
  20. Triana Street
  21. Losero Street
  22. Miguel de Cervantes Street
  23. Rafael Cabrera Avenue (round the Pérez Galdós Theatre).
  24. GC-5 (Road to Centre of Island), until intersection with Muro Street.
  25. Obispo Codina Street
  26. Reloj Street
  27. Chill Street
  28. Reyes Católicos Street
  29. Nuestra Señora de los Reyes Square
  30. Eufemiano Jurado Avenue
  31. Turn at Benalmádena Square
  32. Eufemiano Jurado Avenue
  33. Nuestra Señora de los Reyes Square
  34. Reyes Católicos Street
  35. Chill Street
  36. Reloj Street
  37. Obispo Codina Street
  38. GC-5 (Road to Centre of Island)
  39. Avenida Rafael Cabrera (round the Pérez Galdós Theatre)
  40. Miguel de Cervantes Street
  41. Losero Street
  42. Triana Street
  43. León y Castillo Street
  44. Juan XXIII Avenue
  45. Avenida Marítima (GC-1 heading north)
  46. Canarias Square (Bus interchange)
  47. Santa Catalina Dock
  48. Luis Morote Street
  49. Eduardo Benot Street
  50. López Socas Street
  51. Juan Rejón Street
  52. Ingeniero Manuel Becerra Square.
  53. Juan Rejón Street
  54. Albareda Street
  55. Santa Catalina Park (Luis Morote Street)
  56. Sagasta Street
  57. Ferreras Street
  58. Las Canteras Beachfront
  59. Apolinario Avenue
  60. Jardines del Atlántico Square, Alfredo Krauss Auditorium
  61. Música Square (Finish Line).


*Due to the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Council’s plan to implement a new, high capacity transport system, the MetroGuagua, as part of its plan to improve the city’s public transport network, the Cajasiete Gran Canaria Marathon 2018 route may be subject to changes.


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