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This is our Anniversary year… it wouldn’t be possible without you!

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The Cajasiete Gran Canaria Maraton welcomes you to its special tenth edition.

Volunteers are an essential element in order to effectively carry out a sporting event. Thus, every year we show our most sincere appreciation to those who, one way or the other, have participated in this event year after year.

We are delighted to receive all those who would like to contribute their little grain of sand to the event with work as beautiful as volunteering.
At the end of this section you will find the registration form. Once registered, you will receive a confirmation email after which we will get in contact with every one of you in order to further explain the information concerning the event and your participation as a volunteer in the Cajasiete Gran Canaria Maratón 2019.

We are certain that this experience will provide you with great satisfaction like:
• Feeling that you are making the most multitudinous event in the Canary Islands possible.
• Witnessing our runners and those who visit us exclusively to take part in our event take away with them the best possible memories thanks to the great treatment and hospitality that every person from the organization offers.
• Being part of this great window of the international field.

What do I need?
– To be at least 16 years old when formalising the volunteer registration for Cajasiete Gran Canaria Maratón 2019.
*IMPORTANT: Minors will need parental consent. The following document (donwload here) should be completed, signed and sent to voluntariado1@grancanariamaraton.net, the subject being: NAME + ID NUMBER
– Bring us your enthusiasm and responsibility during the days of the Cajasiete Gran Canaria Maraton 2019 as the runners will need your good work. They always appreciate it!
– You should have enough time to dedicate to the organization.
– Attend all meetings planned by the organization to inform you about the different tasks and areas and to receive all necessary information.
– Know your tasks and areas that will be explained in detail at the training. Your understanding of these functions is essential, don’t doubt to ask us!
–Be proactive and participatory, this way you will enjoy this great event even more.
– Be ready to collaborate in the shifts that have been assigned to you.
– Be identified at all times with the material provided by the organization.
– Commit to the organization and give adequately timed notice in case you cannot attend due to force majeure.
– Have fun and enjoy the Cajasiete Gran Canaria Maratón 2019 with us!

The Cajasiete GCM 2019 will treat you with…
– The opportunity of enjoying a weekend of authentic sport, meeting people of other nationalities, creating new friendships and spending a delightful and thrilling time with them.
– Being part of the most international and multitudinous sporting event in the Canary Islands.
– The gratitude of THOUSANDS of runners who will see their dream come true thanks to your fundamental work.
– Volunteer uniforms: t-shirt, rain jacket and cap.